The best Chester comedy clubs

If you are going to be visiting Chester and you’d like to make sure that you can get your comedy fix in, it’s important to consider that there are many excellent comedy clubs across this area. Seeing some of your favourite Chester comedians or checking in on an evening where touring comedians from across the world are doing sets at these clubs can make your trip to Chester even more special. Here are some of the best Chester comedy clubs that you could check out during your time here:

Chester Storyhouse: The Storyhouse is a venue on Hunter Street that hosts a wide array of events. In the heart of the historic city center, this is a library, cinema and theatre that regularly hosts worldwide comedians. If you are looking for a comedy club atmosphere in a large theatre this is one of the perfect places to see world-class comedy and in a beautiful venue.

Alexander’s life: located in Rufus court in Chester this is a live stage that’s famous for its comedy shows, Sunday roasts and the Cabaret. Friday night is a popular time to see a wide range of comedians from the local area. This could be the perfect place to discover new talent and share a great meal in a comfortable setting. The comedy club has not changed extensively over the years and it is a delightful slice of Chester and it’s comedy scene.

The Live Rooms: known as a music venue and bar, The Live rooms also regularly host their own comedy shows. This modern venue is located at one station road and it’s a popular place to go for the younger crowd. With great acoustics on live performances and a massive space, this is a great spot to see comedians from across the UK.

Neston Civic Hall: located close by in Neston, this Civic Hall is a very popular place for local events and comedy. There are regular variety shows and comedians that passed through this venue regularly. Getting involved here could be a great way that you can enjoy a fun experience with a super local comedy show!

Be sure to check out some of these Chester Comedy clubs during your stay. Each one of these clubs could be a great experience for your next trip!

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